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Happiness to beautiful mother Earth!

HAPPY EARTH DAY to you all. My favorite holiday of the year, truly. Each year my family and I plant something new in our backyard to mark Earth Day – lilac bushes that are now as tall as our garage, peonies that are so very lovely, a couple of rose bushes, irises… This year will be a bit delayed since MN still has snow on the ground but we’ll be planting something fresh (maybe a pear tree!) and amazing to honor how truly spectacular this planet really is.

So, today, and everyday, let’s take great care of this special place we live. Pick up a piece of trash you normally might step over on the street, recycle more, use less. Plan elements of your farm wedding that keep in mind how special the land you are standing on is, and take care of it. Teach others about how much you love the environment, but teach through action instead of talk. And maybe, just maybe, you can plant something in honor of Earth Day tomorrow too. Even if it’s in a perfect little container. And tomorrow when you step outside, take a deep breath in, and enjoy!

Happy Earth Day!

Happy earth day lily of the valley heart wreath

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SARA + JUSTEN | Kentucky horse farm wedding

Lizzie Loo Photography - 001

Lizzie Loo Photography - 002

Lizzie Loo Photography - 003

Lizzie Loo Photography - 004

Lizzie Loo Photography - 005

Lizzie Loo Photography - 006

Lizzie Loo Photography - 007

Lizzie Loo Photography - 008

Lizzie Loo Photography - 009

Lizzie Loo Photography - 010

Lizzie Loo Photography - 011

Lizzie Loo Photography - 012

Lizzie Loo Photography - 013

Lizzie Loo Photography - 014

Lizzie Loo Photography - 015

Lizzie Loo Photography - 016

Lizzie Loo Photography - 017

Lizzie Loo Photography - 018

Lizzie Loo Photography - 019

Lizzie Loo Photography - 020

Lizzie Loo Photography - 021

Lizzie Loo Photography - 022

Lizzie Loo Photography - 023

Lizzie Loo Photography - 024

Lizzie Loo Photography - 025

Lizzie Loo Photography - 026

Lizzie Loo Photography - 027

A fabulous fiesta-themed wedding, with a reception held at her parent’s racehorse farm. Lots of sweet details, DIY florals by her sister, heirloom furniture included and full of personality and color!

From the Bride:
“Justen and I met in high school where we were in choir together and became duet partners for a Christmas show. We became best friends and started dating all throughout college and while Justen served an LDS mission in Mexico. When he returned from his service as a missionary, we were engaged and chose October, because I always liked the idea of a fall wedding.

“The theme – fiesta – was chosen because we both had been to Mexico and loved the culture there. The idea of having it at my family farm where I grew up seemed really fun, and the fall weather seemed to be able to work with that. The details were all brought to life through tons of color and fun, everything about my wedding was something that I had seen and loved or created somehow, so it was very personal, and totally us.”

YES! Way to break tradition and make it full of fun and full of your own personality! What a wonderful unexpected surprise to receive this wedding submission full of color and excitement! Don’t you just love the rick rack streaming out of the bride’s bouquet? And I love their fiesta details – nacho bar, Mexican wedding cookies, colorful bunting, of course Mexican food (and I’ve been to Chuy’s and it is delicious!). Even their pinata topped wedding cake is fabulous. And the sombreros on their chair backs. I could go on and on. I think I love this wedding. This is a PERFECT way to wrap up our week and head out to our weekends filled with energy from Sara and Justen’s beautiful celebration! I hope you two always keep adding this kind of flair to your marriage!

Wedding day vendors included:
Photographer: Lizzie Loo Photography
Caterer: Chuy’s Restaurant
Invitation Designer: Avie Designs
Dress Store: Bridal Warehouse
Cake Designer: Ellen Thurman
DJ: Entertainment Essentials
Heirlooms and extras: Loobird- Vintage Rentals + Design
Equipment Rentals: Rent & Rave
Bridesmaid Dresses: Alfred Sung – Dessy Group
DIY or Handmade Goods Designer: Cami’s Paperie
Etsy Designer: Ay Mujer, Bluebirdheaven

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SARA + GRANT | New Jersey farm wedding

Laura Leigh Photo - 001

Laura Leigh Photo - 002

Laura Leigh Photo - 003

Laura Leigh Photo - 004

Laura Leigh Photo - 005

Laura Leigh Photo - 006

Laura Leigh Photo - 007

Laura Leigh Photo - 008

Laura Leigh Photo - 009

Laura Leigh Photo - 010

Laura Leigh Photo - 011

Laura Leigh Photo - 012

Laura Leigh Photo - 013

Laura Leigh Photo - 014

Laura Leigh Photo - 015

Laura Leigh Photo - 016

Laura Leigh Photo - 017

Laura Leigh Photo - 018

Laura Leigh Photo - 019

Laura Leigh Photo - 020

Laura Leigh Photo - 021

Laura Leigh Photo - 022

Laura Leigh Photo - 023

Laura Leigh Photo - 024

Laura Leigh Photo - 025

Laura Leigh Photo - 026

Laura Leigh Photo - 027

Laura Leigh Photo - 028

From the bride herself…
“Grant and I are nature lovers, so when we decided to have a wedding, we knew we wanted to do it outdoors. We wanted to incorporate a lot of natural or earthy elements, so we used antique doors for tables, hay bales for table legs and seating, and incorporated flowers into every corner of our ceremony and reception space. Grant and I also collected a couple of antique window frames and decided to use them to display our drink and food menu for the night. We stenciled the menu onto the frames and then hung them from an oak tree that stood next to the bar (a vintage Miller High Life bar that we borrowed from Grant’s family).

“There were many elements of our wedding that were DIY––from the window frames to the door-tables––which really reflects our personality as a couple. But even more importantly, the fact that so many elements of our wedding were also borrowed from family members, or built with family members, meant that we were creating a space that reflected our love for our families, and the fact that they were both coming together through our marriage. We borrowed antique tablecloths from Grant’s mom, and because my parents are farmers, they provided all the flowers for the wedding. We loved walking around the ceremony and reception space (which was out front yard!) and seeing all this stuff that reminded us of where we have come from.

“Right before the ceremony, hanging in our backyard with Grant and our families. Everything was perfect and the night only got better after that. But that was the moment I remember knowing that this really would be the best day of my life.”

So sweet. I LOVE when families and friends come together to make a wedding day perfect for the couple, with rich details, and lots of love. A few of my favorite details… I LOVE the personalization of the mason jars as their drink cups and favors for the night. I love the flowers in the bride’s hair, the dog making an appearance, the bar area, and the bride’s dress! All perfect.

Cheers to you!

Photographer: Laura Leigh Photo
Cake: Castaldo Custom Cakes
Dress Designer: Wore my mother’s vintage wedding dress
Hair and makeup: Sister
Jewelry: Antique jewelry from groom’s mom
Bridesmaids’ dresses: Alfred Angelo
Men’s Attire: Jcrew for groom, Jos. A. Bank for groomsmen
Floral Design: Alan’s Flower Farm, bride’s father
DJ/Band: Family friends
Rentals: Brillmans Rental Barn
Favors: Mason Jars
Caterers: Emily’s Cafe & Catering

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  • April 21, 2013 - 8:18 am

    laura perry - One of the sweetest weddings I have ever had the privilege to photograph. Thanks for sharing their wedding!!ReplyCancel

  • August 12, 2013 - 6:46 am

    Meredith - Laura, these are beautiful photos! Where was the wedding? I’ve been searching high and low for a farm in the Princeton area for our wedding.ReplyCancel

Georgia farm engagement | Allison + Chris

AnnaK -001

AnnaK -002

AnnaK -003

AnnaK -004

AnnaK -005

AnnaK -006

AnnaK -007

AnnaK -008

AnnaK -009

AnnaK -010

AnnaK -011

Now this is a perfect place for an engagement session. Chris proposed to Allison near the old barn house located on his family’s property. He tricked her into thinking there was nothing different about that day, but little did she know, he was about to make the most romantic gesture. That spot near the tall grass and rope swing now holds a special place in their hearts, and I must say, it is a perfectly classic farm scene.

Congratulations to you both. I hope you hold your wedding in the same spot! Images by Anna K. Photography.

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ALEXANDRIA + BRIAN | Kyle, Texas farm wedding

Eureka Photography -002

Eureka Photography -003

Eureka Photography -004

Eureka Photography -005

Eureka Photography -006

Eureka Photography -007

Eureka Photography -008

Eureka Photography -009

Eureka Photography -010

Eureka Photography -011

Eureka Photography -012

Eureka Photography -013

Eureka Photography -014

Eureka Photography -015

Eureka Photography -016

Eureka Photography -017

Eureka Photography -018

Eureka Photography -019

Eureka Photography -020

Eureka Photography -021

Eureka Photography -022

Eureka Photography -023

Eureka Photography -024

Eureka Photography -025

Eureka Photography -026

Eureka Photography -027

Eureka Photography -028

Eureka Photography -029

Eureka Photography -030

Eureka Photography -031

Eureka Photography -032

Let’s hear about Alexandria and Brian’s wedding from Mylah, their photographer at Eureka Photography:

“One of my absolute favorite things about this wedding day is that it wasn’t just dedicated to the bride and groom. It was dedicated to their family of three. The duo saying vows made sure to include their daughter into every segment of the day and reminded her that it was her day, just as much as it was theirs. She walked down the aisle to her dad holding a “Daddy, here comes Mommy” sign, the hot chocolate bar was dedicated to her since it was one of her favorite drinks, and she even had her own “daddy and me” dance after the traditional reception dances.

“They also incorporated personal details throughout their day. Brian gave Alex a box holding a necklace with her birthstone for their big day. While she was able to wear it for their wedding day, the special part is that Brian made the wooden box by hand. He is firefighter, which is reflected in the details of their ice cream cake. Beyond that, the two shared a fire engine exit!!

“I also like to think that their wedding was so special that even the animals wanted to be a witness. During their sunset portraits, a horse in the nearby field came to give his own good wishes to the bride and groom! It was truly a special day and I’m so honored to have been able to capture it for Brian and Alex.”

I agree, a beautifully sweet wedding day. Congratulations to your sweet family of three!

Wedding day vendors included:
Photographer: Eureka Photography
Event Planner: Yellow Umbrella Events
Reception Venue: Texas Old Town

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