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Horse ranch engagement | Karen + Mark

Studio Sequoia - 001

Studio Sequoia - 002

Studio Sequoia - 003

Studio Sequoia - 004

Studio Sequoia - 005

Studio Sequoia - 006

Studio Sequoia - 007

Studio Sequoia - 008

Studio Sequoia - 009

Studio Sequoia - 010

Studio Sequoia - 011

Studio Sequoia - 012

Studio Sequoia - 013

I love small world stories that bring people together. This is a sweet one of Mark and Karen, told by their photographer, Studio Sequoia:

“Mark and Karen were both born in Maine, Their story begins when some of Karen’s good friends were going to be moving to Pensacola Florida, and she decided to tag along. She had attending cosmetology school in Maine and upon moving to Florida, got a job at Sports Clips. Mark had become one of her regular clients for about 5 months, Karen become interested in him and long story short, they found out they had grew up in the same small town and even went to the same elementary school all up through ninth grade! From that day on they saw each other every day, until Mark graduated from flight school and received deployment orders that said in a year he’d be heading to Japan. They decided they could not live another day apart, so for his last year in training before going to Japan she moved to be with him in California. For their engagement session they wanted a slow paced country style shoot. Having left their home of Maine, they wanted to get as much country as they could in San Diego. So we headed out to horse stables at Rancho Penasquitos Ranch House and had an afternoon stroll in our local mountains. Afterwards they decided to take a little hike in the backwoods and have some fun with their colorful cowboy boots.

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APRIL + JON | Chattanooga, Tennessee farm wedding

Victoria Mason Photography - 001

Victoria Mason Photography - 002

Victoria Mason Photography - 003

Victoria Mason Photography - 004

Victoria Mason Photography - 005

Victoria Mason Photography - 006

Victoria Mason Photography - 007

Victoria Mason Photography - 008

Victoria Mason Photography - 009

Victoria Mason Photography - 010

Victoria Mason Photography - 011

Victoria Mason Photography - 012

Victoria Mason Photography - 013

Victoria Mason Photography - 014

Victoria Mason Photography - 015

Victoria Mason Photography - 016

Victoria Mason Photography - 017

Victoria Mason Photography - 018

Victoria Mason Photography - 019

Victoria Mason Photography - 020

Victoria Mason Photography - 021

Victoria Mason Photography - 022

Victoria Mason Photography - 023

Victoria Mason Photography - 024

Victoria Mason Photography - 025

Victoria Mason Photography - 026

Victoria Mason Photography - 027

Victoria Mason Photography - 028

Victoria Mason Photography - 029

Victoria Mason Photography - 030

Victoria Mason Photography - 031

I was going to gush about this wedding but their photographer Victoria did it so sweetly when she shared this farm wedding with us, that I will instead share what she had to say!
“This beautiful wedding was in Chattanooga Nature Center. It was so hot that all the vendors were sweating extra hard to make it extra special and beautiful. All the lovely flower arrangements, decorations & detail – everything – was filled with love and care. It was a very special day for April and Jon. This couple is absolutely amazing & their wedding reflected their personalities like nothing else could. A lot of details were unique to this wedding. April’s grandmother used to take little April to the Nature Center to ride horses. Grandmother’s saddle was a big reminder of the family values & love that this family cherishes.

“For the first time in my photography experience I saw a ceremony of the Unity Cross. It was very touching and special. I’ll admit, I dropped a tear or two while photographing. The venue made my job so easy – all the gorgeous places to take the bride & groom for pictures! A nice bamboo patch, an old rustic barn and of course a beautiful mountain sunset provided the best backdrops a photographer can wish for.

“The love between April & Jon will have a special place in my photography portfolio reflecting the true meaning of saving memories. Be happy guys, I wish you long years together!!!”

Wedding day vendors included:
Photographer: Victoria Mason Photography
Caterer: Black Tie Affair
Event Planner: Fabulous by Faires
Floral Designer: Grafe Studio
Dress Store: Boutique Couture
Cake Designer: B Sweet Cake Boutique
Linens and Coverings: the Meeting Company
Venue: Chattanooga Arboretum and Nature Center

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  • April 23, 2013 - 1:30 pm

    Plum Pretty Sugar - This looks like a fun and amazing wedding.



  • June 18, 2013 - 10:00 pm

    Tanya Jackson - Hey April, just viewed your pic… they are absolutely beautiful. I love how everyone was comfortable and looks like you all was having a fabulous time! I always wanted to have a beach wedding, but looking at your pics, I maybe thinking twice (the sand) LOL…

    Good luck to you in your new life with your husband!

    Tanya from Kelly Services :-) ReplyCancel

RACHEL + JONATHAN | Hager City, Wisconsin farm wedding

Erin Johnson Photography - 001

Erin Johnson Photography - 002

Erin Johnson Photography - 003

Erin Johnson Photography - 004

Erin Johnson Photography - 005

Erin Johnson Photography - 006

Erin Johnson Photography - 007

Erin Johnson Photography - 008

Erin Johnson Photography - 009

Erin Johnson Photography - 010

Erin Johnson Photography - 011

Erin Johnson Photography - 012

Erin Johnson Photography - 013

Erin Johnson Photography - 014

Erin Johnson Photography - 015

Erin Johnson Photography - 016

Erin Johnson Photography - 017

Erin Johnson Photography - 018

Erin Johnson Photography - 019

Erin Johnson Photography - 020

Erin Johnson Photography - 021

Erin Johnson Photography - 022

Erin Johnson Photography - 023

Erin Johnson Photography - 024

Erin Johnson Photography - 025

Erin Johnson Photography - 026

Erin Johnson Photography - 027

Erin Johnson Photography - 028

Erin Johnson Photography - 029

Erin Johnson Photography - 030

Erin Johnson Photography - 031

Erin Johnson Photography - 032

Erin Johnson Photography - 033

Erin Johnson Photography - 034

Erin Johnson Photography - 035

Erin Johnson Photography - 036

Erin Johnson Photography - 037

Erin Johnson Photography - 038

Erin Johnson Photography - 039

Erin Johnson Photography - 040

Erin Johnson Photography - 041

This wedding has a style all its own (and it’s a great style!) – a little vintage, a little romance, a little bit hipster, a little bit classic, a little bit rustic… all set at a gorgeous barn in Wisconsin. I love even the smallest details – like bride Rachel’s long pearl strand necklace, and her simple floral headpiece; the touches of rustic love shown in their delicious pie table and in their burlap bunting. I love that they didn’t take their table numbers too seriously and instead opted for simple hand drawn figures and notes – excellent. And I really love the photo of Rachel and her dad walking down the aisle. There is something so very classic and timeless about that image. It’s all lovely. A heartfelt congratulations to you, Rachel and Jonathan.

Wedding day vendors included:
Photographer: Erin Johnson Photography
Caterer: Cafe Levain
Reception Venue: Windbeam Farm
Dress Store: J. Crew
Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Blacklist Vintage

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CAITLIN + TYLER | Enumclaw, Washington rustic + burlap farm wedding

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 001

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 002

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 003

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 004

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 005

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 006

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 007

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 008

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 009

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 010

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 011

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 012

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 013

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 014

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 015

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 016

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 017

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 018

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 019

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 020

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 021

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 022

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 023

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 024

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 025

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 026

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 027

Caitlin and Tyler Washington burlap rustic wedding - 028

For this Washington burlap themed wedding, we get to hear all the details from bride Caitlin! Take it away!
“Hi! My name is Caitlin and my husband is Tyler. We live in Spanaway, WA. I am so excited to share our big day: August 10th, 2012. I met my now husband online on after a long hard split with my ex of 3 years. After a week of messages, the first time he texted me was when I was camping 6 hrs away, so I had to wait to meet him, but was so excited, because we had texted all weekend and had so much in common, and he loved that I was outdoorsy. When I met him, I told him I was having a hard time getting over my ex, and it would take time, and I thought I just wanted to be friends with him, but he stood by my side and within only a few weeks I was falling hard for his “momma’s boy” character. When he first read my profile online, which laid out the specifics of exactly what I was looking for, he told me that he could check off everything I wrote. Country boy, drives a truck, tall, athletic, bigger built, has a job… all the amazing qualities a hardworking country boy should have…in my opinion.

“The first time I met him in person I was sick. He happened to be driving in the city I lived in, and on his way home he asked if he could stop by to meet me. I told him I was in my sweats, hair thrown up and no makeup, but sure if you want to. When I met him it was just easy. I lived on the lake so we walked to the dock with a beautiful view of Mt. Rainer and chatted a bit. I knew he played on a summer softball league, and I played fast pitch since I was young, and played catch with my brother since I could hold a baseball, so I asked if he had his mitt. Surprisingly, he had it in his truck. So our first date was playing catch in my sweats all a mess and he didn’t even care. He was definitely impressed with my arm.

“When I started to fall for him, I wanted to tell him I loved him, but I didn’t want it to be too soon, so I would trace his heart with my finger. He understood what I met. Finally after only 3 weeks we were at a Mexican restaurant talking about our feelings, and I just blurted it out, and he looked at me, and said, “I love you too!” A few months later, I moved in with him, which I was nervous about, but something told me it was the right thing to do, and I thought I needed to take a leap of faith.

“We took a trip to Las Vegas the next spring with a group of friends and my brother, Ty and I were alone driving a rental car when I spotted a jewelry exchange store. I told him, come on hunny, let’s just look…. When we went in, they were having a sale. I went straight to the vintage estate engagement rings and picked one out. When I put it on, it fit perfect. I wore it for a few minutes browsing others and asked how much, and the sales lady told me it was 1/2 off $4000. I was like, “sold!” Since we had already talked marriage, he didn’t mind, and it was a such a spur of the moment thing, I told him I will just put it on my credit card. I ended up getting it for $1,800 after a few more rebates. I got it appraised when I got home, and it was worth $6,500! We scored in Vegas with that thing! I sent a picture only to my mom and she loved it. She was the only one besides my best friends who knew about it.

“Prior to getting the ring I had told him, that if we did get engaged I wanted to wait at least a year of dating, so after we got home, it sat in my night stand for 7 months…. (Even though I peeked a few times and tried it on a lot.) Finally about a year after we started dating, his birthday dinner he proposed at “The Melting Pot” in Tacoma, WA.”

About our wedding:
“I love the summer and the smell of farm country so we set our big day for 8.10.12 at a wedding venue in Enumclaw, WA, called “Genesis Farm and Gardens”. It was affordable and ended up being the perfect place for us. The guests loved it.

“We set our budget for $20,000. I planned it all myself since I am OCD; not really, but I am picky. I bought all the decor and handmade the signs, banners and started collected all the mason jars prior to even getting engaged, because I knew I wanted the turquoise ball mason jars for centerpieces, and it would save money if I started collecting things as I saw them. The colors we used were plum, turquoise accents and neutral creams/khaki. Ty called it my “burlap” themed wedding. I designed all the floral arrangements with my florists by going to the flower warehouse several times. We found an awesome caterer with AMAZING BBQ, and he even came to our house to give us a tasting. The cake was amazing, the ribbon detail wasn’t as planned but the lady actually sewed the ribbon into bows for it, and it turned out just right. Overall the pictures speak for themselves and the detail that went into it. One of my favorites is the live succulent garden with our initials in moss; I built months before the wedding took place in front of the head table. It turned out awesome!”

Thanks Caitlin for sharing so much about your wedding day. It looks like your wedding was a true celebration and we are all so happy you two found each other! Cheers to you both!

Wedding day vendors included:
Photos by: Imaginessence Photography
Edited by: Eye4Images Photography
Venue: Genesis Farm and Gardens
Cake: Creative Cake Designs – Kent, WA
Caterer: Double Barrel BBQ
Florists: Allyson Bentley
Linen/Tables: American Party Place- Tacoma, WA

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LINDSEY + TYLER | Lebanon, Oregon

Anne Nunn Photographers - 001

Anne Nunn Photographers - 002

Anne Nunn Photographers - 003

Anne Nunn Photographers - 004

Anne Nunn Photographers - 005

Anne Nunn Photographers - 006

Anne Nunn Photographers - 007

Anne Nunn Photographers - 008

Anne Nunn Photographers - 009

Anne Nunn Photographers - 010

Anne Nunn Photographers - 011

Anne Nunn Photographers - 012

Anne Nunn Photographers - 013

Anne Nunn Photographers - 014

Anne Nunn Photographers - 015

Anne Nunn Photographers - 016

Anne Nunn Photographers - 017

Anne Nunn Photographers - 018

Anne Nunn Photographers - 019

Anne Nunn Photographers - 020

Anne Nunn Photographers - 021

Anne Nunn Photographers - 022

Anne Nunn Photographers - 023

Anne Nunn Photographers - 024

Anne Nunn Photographers - 025

Anne Nunn Photographers - 026

Anne Nunn Photographers - 027

Anne Nunn Photographers - 028

Another beautiful wedding today from Oregon. What a lovely state, truly! Lindsay and Tyler had a perfectly rustic wedding, filled with so many sweet details. And I must say, they might just have the cutest trio of flower girls I’ve seen!

Their photographer Anne spoke sweet words about their day…
“Lindsey & Tyler were married at a beautiful venue in the country with a creek running through it. Every detail of the venue and detail that Lindsey had created for their day, made this wedding perfect and completely them. Their vows were shared with the creek in the background and a relaxed atmosphere with family and close friends surrounding them. The feel of family among the wedding was incredibly strong and beautiful. The flowers for the bride, bridesmaids, and centerpieces were designed by a family friend who used to own a very successful floral shop, and they were gorgeous! The details such as the lanterns, jars of corks, and round wood pieces for the centerpieces were very unique for each table and really added to the entire reception.

“Lindsey’s bouquet had pictures of 3 family members that she wanted to remember and take with her down the aisle. One of the family members was her brother-in-law who had passed just a year and a half prior. The love of family was all around and it gave an incredibly intimate atmosphere to their wedding. The venue had a small pond and a row boat that Lindsey and Tyler rowed in as we shot some candid pictures. So much thought was put in to each detail from the flowers, the signs, communion table, and bunting for the cake. We absolutely loved being a part of their wedding day.”

Wedding day vendors included:
Photographer: Anne Nunn Photographers
Caterer: Boss Hawgs
DJ: Valley Pro DJ
Event Venue: The Ranch on Beaver Creek

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